As expected, Square Enix delivered an official announcement of a new SaGa game during the series’ 25th anniversary Nico Nico Livestream over the weekend. Not just one game either, but two!

First, we’ll talk about the one that matters. The tentatively titled “SaGa 2015” was announced by series creator Akitoshi Kawazu at the end of the presentation. He was unable to reveal any details or gameplay just yet, but he did provide two pieces of art from series artist Tomomi Kobayashi.

A trademark filed by Square Enix for something called SaGa Asterism has also popped up, hinting at a possible title.

No word on an English localization naturally, but you just gotta keep up your emails to Square Enix. Let them know you want this on your PS Vita… right next to a PSOne Classic version of SaGa Frontier!

The other game is one that’s been rumored for a while. Imperial SaGa had its trademark filed quite some time ago, and now we have have seen it in the flesh for the first time. It’s a browser game, meaning it stands zero chance of coming to the States and will be shut down once popularity sags. The art looks fabulous, but the game’s sprites have that distinct blend of a cheap mobile/browser game trying to look like something old from the Super Nintendo.

Not too excited about this one, but at least we have a game inbound for the PS Vita. Luckily, Sony’s handheld is region free, so it will be possible to play in Japanese if Square Enix decides to pass up this one like it is doing with Dragon Quest VII.