Tomb Raider - 1

Square Enix posted a net income loss of 13.7 billion yen in its recently released fiscal documents for FY 2013. Jamming the full number (13,714,000,000 yen) into Google and asking for dollars in return gets us a net loss of $134,959,474 USD.

Why the big loss? In the same financial report, Square Enix points to the relative disappointment of major games like Tomb RaiderHitman: Absolution and Sleeping Dogs. The problem? Those were all wonderful games that enjoyed solid sales. Too bad solid sales doesn't necessarily mean financial success in a AAA publishing system that requires absurd earnings to make up for development costs.

Tomb Raider sold well over three million copies during its first month at retail, yet Square Enix had to label it as a contributing factor in its $134 million net loss. See the problem?

Square Enix, despite the big hit that came in 2013, suggests that they'll enjoy a profit in FY 2014. We'll see, folks… we'll see.