Square Enix’s upcoming free-to-play Mevius Final Fantasy has undergone two major changes that might ultimately be for the better. The company has announced a much needed adjustment to the main character’s “too sexy” outfit and the enigmatic title.

First up is the big complaint that a lot of fans had with the game, the main protagonist’s revealing getup. Our hero Wal came equipped with armor that showed of quite a bit of his rock solid abs and perfectly chiseled butt, but many fans took exception to the design choice. Unsurprisingly, not many of those same fans took the same exception to Cidney’s revealing outfit in Final Fantasy XV.

While stating that it believed the costume was “a little too sexy,” Square Enix has decided to pull back on the controversial clothing. Producer Yoshinori Kitase explains that the change did not have total support within the company’s ranks, but ultimately went with the online reactions to the outfit.

Mobius Final Fantasy

Maybe the higher ups were tired of Wal being the “butt” of too many jokes.

The other change was to the title, in which Mevius Final Fantasy has been morphed into Mobius Final Fantasy, coming off as a little more generic but fitting for a mobile game.

The game will be released for smartphones in Japan this year, and it will be coming to the States eventually. No mention of a release window just yet. Square Enix claims it will deliver the same quality experience that fans can find on more traditional gaming platforms.