Square Cash is one of the simplest ways to send friends money. Just put in the amount, and send it to that person's email—that's it. Starting today, Square is applying that same minimalist approach to requesting money in a new update for iOS and Android. Now, instead of the presence of a Send button only, the apps now feature a request button right inside the app. You can also cc [email protected] in an email if you prefer not to deal with the app.

If multiple friends owe you money, a page on Square's website will let you keep track of who has paid and who is ducking your requests. It looks like Todd still hasn't paid back that $100 I let him borrow. The newest addition is neat, and makes exchanging money almost too easy. As noted by The Verge, the ability to request money isn't new to payment services, but Square Cash's update is notable because it uses a smart design and offers extreme simplicity for the smoothest possible user experience.

Since Square Cash hit the scene, it's been my go-to app for sending friends money. The only complaint I have is I no longer have an excuse when owing people money. I have yet to see the update on my end, but it'll presumably be rolling out to both iOS and Android throughout the day.