Square Cash on Tuesday introduced a small but handy update, giving users the ability to request and send money over Bluetooth LE. Now, the app will show you when a friend (or stranger, if you want) is nearby, giving you a quick and easy way to exchange money. The app already describes itself as something you might use to split a dinner bill, so the new Bluetooth LE feature just further encourages situations like that.

The new feature actually allows Cash users to discover people nearby, too, so even if you don't have that person's contact information, it'll streamline the payment process. You can configure the settings, too, so you can be visible to your contacts only or everyone. Additionally, when payment requests popup, you can quickly address them with Apple's new actionable notifications in iOS 8.

If you regularly use Cash to exchange money (which is free through the app), this latest update makes the process even easier and more straightforward.