The iPhone 5 hasn’t been announced yet, but that hasn’t stopped rumors about the device from circulating the web, including the rumor that Sprint will be seeing its own version of the smartphone come launch time.

Those rumors got a little more juicy this afternoon when SprintFeed uncovered these Apple logos stored on Sprint’s servers, which it feels point to a new Sprint/Apple device. The logo isn’t anything special, but it does indicate that Sprint is storing some sort of Apple info in their database. You can check the out directly on Sprint’s servers here.

Sprint currently offers the ZTE Peel, a way to add 3G data to your iPod touch. So it is possible the images are being stored for that. Based on the last logo with an X over it, the images may also be part of some sort of instruction book on how to connect a device (like an Android handset) to an Apple computer (especially given their low-res quality); however, we couldn’t find where they were located in context on Sprint’s website.

What do you think of the images? Do they point to a new Sprint Apple device, or are they just logos left from something else?

[via SprintFeed]