While Sprint furthers its plans to release new 4G LTE devices, something has to be cleared out in order to make room. A trusted source has shared a close look at Sprint’s updated End of Life (EOL) listing, which says the Now Network is ready to bid adieu several of Samsung’s Android devices. Over the next two months the carrier will cease orders for the Kyocera DuraMax, Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Wi-Fi tablet, Samsung Replenish (pink model), Samsung Conquer 4G and the Samsung Epic 4G.

None of these EOL dates come as much of a shock, especially the Epic 4G, which has had an amazing run. If you own one of the aforementioned phones and are in need of a replacement, and Sprint is out of stock, the carrier typically will provide a comparable replacement device — often even a slight upgrade. However, this by no means guarantees an upgrade in the event of an insurance claim. Hopefully this heavy Samsung listing points to a forthcoming Galaxy S III announcement.