iPhone 4S

In preparation for Sprint’s first ever iPhone launch, a report from BGR suggests that Apple is taking a very aggressive hands on approach at Sprint corporate and retail stores. To prepare for the October 14 launch, Apple, or an independent contractor, will have the final say on where and how the iPhone 4S displays will be set up, not Sprint. When representatives arrive to set up the displays, presumably on Thursday, Sprint stores are expected to close to allow for proper training and ensure the smoothest launch possible. Devices are expected to arrive at Sprint stores on Wednesday, with word being expressed to employees that if iPhone boxes and related materials are tampered with, employees will be “fired immediately.”

It’s not hard to imagine reports such as this as being true. Apple is known for controlling details, major and minor, and there’s no doubt they’ll want the iPhone 4S to be the main focus when consumers arrive at Sprint stores on Friday, especially with demand for their newest iPhone at an all-time high.

[via BGR]