Sprint's new 4G LTE network isn't the only part of the company's infrastructure that's being worked on. As a part of the carrier's Network Vision strategy, it has been adding enhancements to its 3G and Direct Connect coverage territories, too.

These upgrades will deliver improved coverage and call quality to Direct Connect customers. One of Sprint's devices that will soon reap the benefits of these improvements is the Motorola ADMIRAL. A source familiar with the matter has shared an internal screenshot with TechnoBuffalo that reveals the push-to-talk device is slated to receive a software update.

Customers will be notified that an update is available on July 31st and will be prompted to accept a software download. In addition to taking advantage of Sprint's Direct Connect expanded coverage, software version 5.5.1Q-117_PAX-63 brings fixes for issues with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, the device's home screen and short dialing.

If your device doesn't receive the software push, it can be manually updated by tapping Menu > Settings > About Phone > System Updates > Update Motorola Software.

Sprint recommends that your phone have at least 50 percent battery life before installing this update.