LG Viper discountIf you're a Sprint customer that's not so easily moved by the promise of 4G LTE, due to your area's coverage support being uncertain, here comes a deal that just might catch peak your interest. A trusted source has shared an internal document with us which reveals that the Now Network is planning on reducing the price of its WiMAX friendly Epic 4G Touch – aka Galaxy S II – to $149.99. This awesome deal will run from May 18 – July 18, so you'll have time to pick your shot.

As for those of you looking to cash in on Sprint's upcoming LTE goodness, it's newly released LG Viper will also be receiving a temporary price drop to $79.99. This sweetest part about this offer, is that it will run in conjunction with the Viper's Google Wallet promo. Whether you're a WiMAX covered customer that is unsure of you're LTE future, or a customer slated to get first dibs on Sprint's new network setup. Last time we checked, a good deal is a good deal.