Sprint LG Viper 4G LTE4

FedEx showed up recently with Sprint’s LG Viper 4G LTE and I’ve had a few days now to play with it and bring you a few initial impressions as well as an unboxing gallery. I love the hardware design of the Viper 4G LTE, which came as a surprise since I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from a $100 smartphone: the device feels solid and well built. It’s a bit bulky and chunky compared to the international HTC One X I’ve been carrying, but I really like the faux metal accents.

The Viper 4G LTE unfortunately runs Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), which is a bit of a bummer since most new phones run the latest Android 4.0 build. It still packs NFC support, however, which allows you to take advantage of Google Wallet for mobile-based payments. The 4-inch 800 x 480-pixel display is nothing to call home about and the phone’s dual-core 1.2GHz processor was already exhibiting a bit of lag after a few hours with the phone. It also packs 1GB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage and a 4GB microSD card. The 5-megapixel camera takes decent shots but, again, it’s not in the same league as high-end 8-megapixel shooters currently available on the market.

The phone may support 4G LTE networks, but Sprint doesn’t have many of them active yet. I live in New York City where I only found a 3G signal. Viper 4G LTE owners will appreciate the option to stick to EV-DO 3G networks or swap between 4G LTE and EV-DO, however.

I’ll be bringing you a full review in the coming days and apologize for the delay in bringing you more information on the LG Viper 4G LTE sooner; I was on the road for CTIA and BlackBerry World.

LG Viper 4G LTE Gallery