Sprint's stock of Android enthusiasts have been patiently waiting for the arrival of the HTC EVO 4G. A select few who pre-ordered units have already received the device… as did NBA legend-turned-basketball-analyst Charles Barkley after Sprint's CEO Dan Hesse received word of him dissing Sprint's service on national television. We now know when the EVO 4G LTE is coming to the rest of us and it appears that Sprint has finally released a commercial now that the red tape has been cleared up. Sadly, as artsy and audibly stimulating as this new TV spot may be, it's still sorely lacking any type of details on when to expect widespread 4G LTE support for this stifled powerhouse of a device. Perhaps "Sir Charles" inadvertently got it right when he personally thanked Dan Hesse for sending him the device and referred to it as the "new Sprint HTC 4G Lite" while on national television.