Not only did AT&T’s decision to lock down its HTC One X’s device’s bootloader upset customers, it also made non-AT&T customers a bit nervous about the status of their carrier’s HTC One handset’s bootloader. Well, if you happen to be a Sprint subscriber and you’ve been eyeing the forthcoming HTC EVO 4G LTE, then you’ll be happy to know that the Now Network’s future flagship’s bootloader is open for business.

This tidbit comes from the fine folks of AndroidCentral, who’ve apparently unlocked the device’s bootloader using HTC’s developer tools. So, if you’re an Android enthusiast hoping to bring the EVO 4G LTE to its full potential, you’ll have one less hurdle to leap over in your quest for smartphone supremacy. We’d also like to suggest that you stop holding your breath, it won’t make May 18th get here any faster.

[via: AndroidCentral]