Sprint is the latest carrier to partner up with Samsung to support one of its upcoming 5G smartphones set to be released in 2019. Previously, AT&T and Verizon announced they would offer Samsung’s first 5G smartphone. This new 5G smartphone from Samsung will be compatible with Sprint’s 5G network and its existing LTE network.

With Sprint joining the fray, this makes three carriers that will offer Samsung’s 5G smartphones. Carriers have been racing over the past couple years to establish a 5G infrastructure to offer the next-gen network. The process has been slow but 2019 seems to be the year 5G will take its first step toward becoming available to customers.

Sprint will offer 5G connectivity through the 2.5GHz spectrum with various MIMO antennas. It has been busy testing out the technology around the country with speeds easily reaching hundreds of Mbps and at times eclipsing the 1Gbps barrier.

While the push towards 5G is exciting, it’s unclear how readily available it will be. It’s still brand new tech that is in the early stages of development. Though these new 5G smartphones will offer a breakthrough in carrier technology, they will also be really expensive and likely run on LTE  as not every major city in the country supports 5G. In saying that, it’s still an exciting time for the technology.

Samsung will apparently offer two 5G smartphones in 2019. One will arrive in the summer, which is the one Sprint will offer, and the second will come in the second half of the year.