The introduction of iOS 6 will finally make FaceTime over a cellular data connection a reality for non-jailbroken iPhone owners. However, will this long awaited feature come at a price? There's been recent speculation that carriers may possibly charge customers an additional premium for the use of Apple's data-heavy video calling feature.

While both Verizon and AT&T iPhone customers are treading water waiting to find out, Sprint has stepped up and delivered an answer. A Sprint spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal, Sprint remains "committed to [its] unlimited data, and that means not charging for data consumption based on the application."

The statement echoes the words of Sprint's CEO Dan Hesse, who has openly stated that his company will try to keep unlimited data as long as possible and that "the marriage made in heaven is unlimited plus the iPhone."

The thought of a carrier charging an additional charge for the use of a device's native application is a tough pill to swallow, especially when applications such as Skype and Google Talk virtually do the exact same thing without an additional charge from wireless carriers.

Hopefully this situation concerning FaceTime is a big misunderstanding. If not, what's the point of having a data allotment if you can't use it however you want to?

[via: The Wall Street Journal]