Sprint WiMAXLTE may be on Sprint’s mind, but that doesn’t mean it has forgotten its relationship with WiMAX. Yes, the “4G” network the carrier launched all the way back in 2008 is still being touted as a “beneficial” technology in Sprint marketing materials obtained by TechnoBuffalo.

What kind of benefits does WiMAX offer? Glad you asked. Here’s what Jaime Jones, SVP of Sprint Consumer Sales had to say: “Stream HD movies and say good-bye to buffering;” “Download a song in seconds, a movie in a minute;” “Be your own hotspot and connect multiple devices.”

Or you can purchase Sprint’s iteration of the Galaxy Nexus, or wait for the HTC EVO 4G LTE. In case Sprint forgot, WiMAX deployment was put on hold indefinitely in December of last year so the carrier could move over to the faster LTE. We understand Sprint’s LTE dreams — at least getting to the level of Verizon — are still a long ways off, but telling customers that WiMAX will “benefit” them is looney.

“Turn on Sprint 4G (WiMAX)!” Jones says. You got it Jaime!