If Sprint’s smartphone roster was a playbook, it would be running awfully thin on plays where Windows Phone’s number is called. However, this could soon be changing, as the company’s director of consumer acquisition, David Owens, stated at CTIA that he’s “still bullish on Apollo.” It’s almost hard to imagine such enthusiasm about Windows Phone coming from the same guy that a few months ago said the OS was unproven.

Perhaps Mr. Owens has had a change of heart regarding Microsoft’s mobile platform. Maybe he’s taken a look at those Lumia 900 sales reports and realizes that his company could wind up missing the boat. Whatever the case may be, hopefully this bold public display of affection will result in the HTC Arrive getting a metro-themed playmate whenever Apollo finally makes its debut, which is expected sometime this fall.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard that Sprint is holding out for Windows Phone 8. There have been talks of a Windows Phone device sporting Qualcomm’s popular MSM8960 Snapdragon being tested in the bowels of Sprint’s testing facilities. The going word is that said device was targeting a fall release, which definitely lines up with the talk of a Windows Phone 8 pre-holiday arrival. If you’re a Sprint customer that’s crushing on Windows Phone, but the HTC Arrive feels a bit too retro for your style, hopefully you won’t have to wait too much longer.

[via: PC Mag]