Google Wallet LG Promotion

Sprint was the first carrier to offer Google Wallet and it seems only fitting that the Now Network continue to push for the NFC driven technology's success. So much so that a trusted and proven source has alerted us that starting on May 18 customers that purchase an LG Viper or LG Optimus Elite will receive a free $25 Google Wallet credit. Once purchased and Google Wallet is activated (within seven days of purchase), the customer will receive an instant $10 credit, with an additional $15 credit arriving within three weeks of activation.

If you're interested, but not eligible for an upgrade just yet, relax! This offer is set to expire on July 18, which buys some of you a little more time. So if you've been eyeing one of these devices and you've got an upgrade burning a hole in your pocket, we strongly suggest that you hold off for about another week and think about what you're going to buy with $25.