iPhone 5: Black and WhiteWith the iPhone 5 coming out on Sept. 21, those without the dough to purchase Apple’s latest handset will have the opportunity to go for the slashed prices of the iPhone 4 or 4S. At least at some places. If you go into a Sprint retail store after Friday, you’ll find the carrier lacking in the iPhone 4 department.

According to a document obtained by 9to5Mac — and further corroborated by CNET — the carrier is removing the two-year old device from its Planogram once the iPhone 5 goes on sale. What this means is that it will be much less accessible to customers since they can’t just go into a store to pick the free device up. Instead, the iPhone 4 is only being sold online. That’s a real bummer, especially if you wanted to use it with your unlimited data plan.

When the iPhone 5 was announced, Apple did make a note that the iPhone 4 would only be available at select carriers, and it looks like Sprint would rather dedicate shelf space to the latest models. The iPhone 4S will still be offered once the iPhone 5 goes on sale, as expected, at lower price points up through 64GB for $299.

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