With mounting concerns that the potential merger between AT&T and T-Mobile would result in a monopoly, Sprint has not been shy about vehemently opposing the deal. Consequently, Sprint’s internal operations must adapt to the ever-changing mobile marketplace. Armed with unrelenting tenacity and new sales tactics, the popular mobile network is ready to fight what will possibly be the largest network in the United States.

Sprint’s distaste for the AT&T-Mobile merger has been evident in a number of ways, whether it is through advertisements or CEO Dan Hesse’s public proclamations on the topic. more recently, the executive clarified Sprint’s stance on the acquisition in saying:

If AT&T is permitted to devour one of the two remaining independent national wireless carries, while the rest of the world achieves advances in technology and innovation for the 21st century, the U.S. will go backwards- toward last century’s Ma Bell.

Snagged by the folks at Spantechular.com, Sprint’s latest strategy has been uncovered, one that specifically targets T-Mobile customers that are unsure about the network’s merger with AT&T. The document, which was leaked by an internal source, details a credit program that rewards T-Mobile customers porting their existing numbers to sprint.

Currently, the deal between the two is undergoing debate within a number of governmental bodies, who will determine the legitimacy of the AT&T’s acquisition. In the event that the AT&T-Mobile merger falls through, Sprint will credit new customers by reimbursing their early termination fees.

While Sprint’s efforts are admirable, the popular network may not be offering a big enough incentive to force T-Mobile customers to jump ship. Though it may not bring in record numbers, the new sales tactic that retailers will adopt will most certainly help Sprint gauge the popular opinion of T-Mobile customers on the topic.

What do you, Sprint and T-Mobile customers alike, believe? Will Sprint’s strategy of scooping up T-Mobile’s uneasy clients work? Should Sprint be opposing the merger so vehemently? Sound off in the comments below.

[via Spantechular.com]

UPDATE: This deal is only for business customers.