As Sprint continues with the decommissioning of its iDEN towers, we’ve received word from a proven source that effective April 15th, Sprint will remove all postpaid iDEN devices from its retail locations. This decision is a major step in Sprint’s Network Vision strategy, in which the company plans on killing off Nextel’s old iDEN technology and migrating customers to its CDMA network, freeing up spectrum for its new 4G LTE network. In addition to freeing up spectrum, Sprint stands to save a lot of cash by shutting down Nextel’s old iDEN network. For those of you wondering what this means for existing Nextel customers, Sprint has already started an aggressive internal campaign targeting iDEN subscribers, with hopes of moving them to a new CDMA device. As the clock continues to tick against Nextel’s towers, it’s good to see the Now Network’s game plan finally taking shape.

[Thanks Diddy!]