Sprint Premiere program ending

You can add Sprint to the long list of carriers who are cutting corners everywhere they can think of. The customers who were once considered elite shall now be struck down into the masses, losing several perks, as the Sprint Premiere program gets the hack.

AndroidCentral got a hold of Sprints new playbook, and things aren't looking to hot for some of the company's customers.  Starting tomorrow, Sprint Premiere customers will be hearing from their carrier that the program is changing their benefits.  The entire program is closing and they will be transitioned to the "New for You" system that will see them being allowed to upgrade every 20 months, which is a cut back from the previous 22 for that system.  They will have until December 31, 2012 to use their final Premiere upgrade.

Along with the change to upgrade will also come the loss of discounts on accessories and no annual gift.  Both of these benefits will run through December 31, 2011.

Possibly the most disappointing change coming to Sprint is the 30 day return policy is being cut back to 14 days.  You're going to have 16 days less to make up your mind if you've picked the right phone for you.  Considering the number of options out there when it comes to handsets out there these days, it can be a bit nerve wracking to think not only that you have less time to make up your mind, but if you miss that deadline, that you have 20 months to an upgrade.

Sprint says that this is all an effort to focus more on bringing more phones to the network, but it sounds a whole lot like, "Lets just be like everyone else" to us.

What do you think about Sprint ending its premiere program?

[via AndroidCentral]