Sprint early upgrade

Sprint recently began offering an early upgrade program to its customers. The program, first revealed by SprintFeed earlier this month, allows subscribers to exit their Sprint current contracts provided that they pay a fee and sign a new 2-year Sprint contract. The "deal," and we're using that term loosely since it's really just a way for Sprint to make sure its customers don't run off in the next few months, runs through April 14th. It's open to all Sprint customers who haven't upgraded within the last 8 months and who aren't currently being chased for late fees or collections. It's also not available to tablet or Airave accounts, iDEN device owners or corporate accounts.

The Early Upgrade fee varies depending on how many months it has been since a Sprint customer's last upgrade. If it has been 10 months since your last upgrade, for example, the fee is $165. If it has been 21 months you'll need to pay just $55 to gain access to subsidized pricing.

[via SprintFeed]