It looks like Sprint won’t be offering its Total Equipment Protection plan on the iPhone.

According to a leaked slide obtained by SprintFeed Sprint-branded iPhone owners will have to purchase the AppleCare+ plan if they want protection for their new handset, rather than buy in-house protection from the carrier itself.

The slide indicates that “TEP will not be sold to support any iPhone devices at launch,” so we could see the carrier potentially offer support a little further down the road.

AppleCare+ is a new version of AppleCare launching with the iPhone 4S. The $99 service has to be purchased alongside your iPhone, and covers the phone for two years from the time of purchase against a variety of different issues,including two instances of breaking your screen due to mishandling.

Are any of you upset you won’t be able to purchase Sprint’s insurance for your iPhone? Anyone planning on picking up AppleCare+?