motorola xfon sprint xt1056

Yesterday we reported on a rumor that the Motorola “XFON,” likely slated for an AT&T release as the XT1058, could also be coming to Verizon as the XT1060. Now a third “XFON” model, the XT1056, has surfaced.

The XT1056 was first sighted passing through the FCC by Engadget, which noticed support for Sprint’s distinct LTE Band 25. The numeric name also fits in with the same trend we’ve seen in the past. If the XT1058 and the XT1060 are the “XFON” for AT&T and Verizon, respectively, then the XT1056 could easily be a Sprint model.

Either way, the Motorola XFON is rumored to feature an unimpressive 720p display and dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. That’s relatively low-end compared to the quad-core chipsets and 1080p displays we’re seeing on this year’s top-tier handsets. We think there’s a chance that the XT1056 might actually a budget-friendly model of the “XFON,” meant to compete with Samsung’s hoard of lower-tier smartphones, but we’ll need to wait for more information before making that conclusion.