Sprint CEO Dan Hesse argued recently that federal regulators aren't against mobile carrier acquisitions and deals, despite the FCC's decision to block AT&T's planned acquisition of T-Mobile USA, and that his company may indeed need to make a telecom deal in order to stay competitive. Hesse said that Sprint would prefer to make a deal after its 4G LTE roll-out is complete but noted  that a deal might be required sooner if competitors are looking to scoop up additional spectrum or wireless carriers.

Hesse said Sprint will "look at the risk and opportunities on the synergies side" and will have to weigh the options, but admitted that now is "not an ideal time for [Sprint's] equity because of the bigest investments [Sprint is making]" in its 4G LTE network. "If we could push it to later we would," Hesse added, discussing the idea of a telecom deal. Sprint was reportedly interested in buying MetroPCS for $8 billion before Hesse killed the deal.

[via Reuters]