What would a Wednesday be without another iPhone 5 rumor?

Sprint recently filed a lawsuit attempting to block the merger of AT&T and T-Mobile. In the lawsuit the carrier mentions that the merger would eliminate competition, making it harder for them to go head t head with the new powerhouse of a carrier.

This is my next also noticed some interesting language in the suit’s documents pertaining to the iPhone. The paperwork specifically states “In early 2011, Apple then gave Verizon a time-to-market advantage for the iPhone, most likely because Verizon had the largest subscriber base in the United States. Sprint has had to compete without access to the iPhone for nearly five years.”

The language seems to indicate that Sprint will be getting the phone. Verizon wouldn’t, after all, have a “time-to-market advantage” if Sprint never received the phone. It also mentions the carrier competing without the handset “for nearly five years” which seems to imply that time has now ended. We’ve already heard rumors Sprint will be receiving the next generation of the handset, this suit just seems to further confirm that fact.

What do you think? Will we see a Sprint iPhone soon?

[via This is my next]