Sprint is one-upping other major carriers with the biggest discount  yet for the iPhone X. Apple debuted the iPhone X back in November, but unlike the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, it has failed to see many appealing discounts. That was until Sprint came out with its 50-percent off deal.

Signing up for Sprint’s Flex 18-month lease will see the installment price of the iPhone X fall to $20 a month, significantly less than the standard $41.67 monthly installment price. That’s due to a $21.67 monthly credit that will bring the price down over 50-percent. After the 18-month lease, customers have the option to trade in the iPhone X for a newer device or continue paying off the remaining balance.

The deal is available to new Sprint customers or existing ones that add a new line. Sprint says the monthly credits will be reflected on their bill in one to two billing cycles.

The 50-percent off is indeed the best deal offered by a carrier so far for the iPhone X. Previous deals to net any sort of significant discounts required the trade-in of a newer device, but even with that, the discount capped out at around $300. Doing the math, if customers pay off the iPhone in its entirety at $20 per month for 24 months, they will end up saving $520 on the iPhone X.

Those looking to get some serious savings on the iPhone X can take advantage of Sprint’s new deal now online, at carrier stores or through Best Buy.