Sprint iPhone

One of the quickest ways to get someone to suspect something is true is by answering their question with “no comment.” Apparently either the Sprint iPhone 5 rumors are true, or someone never taught the carrier this rule of journalism.

SprintFeed got their hands on a memo that went out to dealers recently that instructed them how to handle inquiries about the recent Wall Street Journal report that Sprint would be getting the iPhone 5.  Normally if something isn’t true you don’t bother issuing a memo about it unless it could potentially be harmful to your company, otherwise you simply ignore it.  As you can see in the picture of the memo above (click it for a slightly larger view), Sprint goes so far as to say that even if friends of family members ask them about this rumor that they are to respond with “no comment.”  Because simply saying, “We haven’t heard anything about it,” would have been even more suspicious?

There are two ways you can look at this to be honest.  Either Sprint just essentially confirmed they are getting the iPhone 5 without actually saying it, or they are just going to enjoy some free publicity and buzz from what is truly nothing more than a rumor.  Our money is on the former, and Sprint just found a creative way to confirm they are getting the highly anticipated handset before Apple actually announces it to the world.

If this proves to be the case, this also pretty much confirms the speculation that it will be coming to T-Mobile as well this year, finishing off the iPhone being on all four major U.S. carriers.  That is, of course, pure speculation, but it makes sense that if the Sprint rumor is true, more than likely so is this one.

We’ll have to wait to see once Apple finally unveils the new phone, but it looks like this year will finally be the year where you get to pick your poison when it comes to carriers with the iPhone.

Will you switch carriers if Sprint and T-Mobile get the iPhone?

[via SprintFeed]