Sprint iPhone 4S LockedSprint customers looking to purchase an iPhone 4S on 11/11/11 or beyond will have their SIM locked. A new internal memo obtained by SprintFeed shows that the carrier will lock the devices upon activation and that the process is “invisible” to the customer. The good news is current Sprint customers who own a 4S will not be affected, so they may take advantage of the iPhone 4S’ world phone capabilities.

Even before the 4S launched, a lot of confusion surrounded Sprint’s official stance over whether or not the device would be locked or not. Reports suggested it would come unlocked, while others said it would be unlocked initially, but become locked later. The memo goes on to say that customers looking to travel internationally will have to refer to the company’s international rate plans.

Why Sprint, why?! It’s hard luck for customers looking to travel abroad for the holiday season, as they won’t be able to use local carrier plans. So much for the iPhone 4S’ “world phone” capabilities. No satisfied with this news? You can always purchase an unlocked iPhone 4s directly from Apple.