As most major carriers continue to tinker with their unlimited data plans, Sprint is the latest carrier to make a move. Similar to before, Sprint's new plans continue to offer a range of perks while failing to offer true unlimited data.

Essentially, Sprint split its existing unlimited data plan into two. The first is called Unlimited Basic and is a worse version of the existing plan. For the same $60 price, Sprint now offers unlimited data (that's subject to be slowed down after hitting the 50GB cap) but cut down the LTE hotspot data pool from 10GB to 500MB and will now throttle video streaming to 480p. It does still come with a free subscription to Hulu.

The second plan called Unlimited Plus costs $70 but does come with the best Sprint has to offer. Customers who get the Unlimited Plus plan will get unlimited data, 15GB of LTE hotspot data, no video throttling and complimentary Hulu and Tidal subscriptions.

Overall, we don't see a good reason for customers on Sprint's current unlimited data plan to be swayed to change. Instead of offering one really good and simple to understand unlimited data plan, Sprint now offers multiple plans that are very complicated. One comes with a lot of compromises for the same price (Unlimited Basic) and the other comes with all of the perks its customers can get (Unlimited Plus) if they want to pay $10 more.

That being said, Sprint is offering new customers who bring their own device an extra discount on the Unlimited Basic plan with a chance to knock down the price to $50 for a single line. It's unclear how long the promotion will be available for.

Sprint's new data plans will be available to new and existing customers beginning July 13.