Sams Club Galaxy Nexus

Sprint may be preparing the launch the Galaxy Nexus with full 4G LTE support as soon as April 22nd. The Verge obtained a leaked document from Walmart that claims its partner, Sam’s Club, will launch the Galaxy Nexus on April 22nd. Sprint has already confirmed the phone will support its 4G LTE network and will also support Google Wallet for NFC-based mobile payments. Other rumors have suggested the phone’s processor will be clocked at 1.5GHz, faster than the 1.2GHz clock speed of the Verizon and GSM models of the device.

The leaked document also suggests Sprint will launch a phone dubbed the LG Viper LTE on April 15th. The Samsung Intensity III could land on Verizon Wireless on April 26th, too. Sprint is expected to unveil its version of the HTC One X, possibly dubbed the EVO One, this Wednesday during a press event in New York City. That phone is also expected to pack 4G LTE support and we’ll be covering the event live, so stay tuned for more news as it breaks.

[via The Verge]