If you're a Sprint customer, you could soon be getting a free Hulu subscription. The carrier is expected to announce its new offering in which access to the video streaming service is included with unlimited plans at no extra cost. Whether you're an individual or a family on Sprint's unlimited plan, you'll be eligible to stream thousands of television shows and movies from any device while not paying a penny.

Here's what Wave7 Research told FierceWireless:

"Sprint is planning to include TV shows from Hulu with its unlimited plans. Dealers have been told that this is 'coming soon.' There will be one subscription per account and it will be described as a $7.99 value."

Pairing video streaming subscriptions with wireless service has been a trend in 2016 and 2017. Sprint joins the other three major U.S. carriers in leveraging free or discounted video streaming as a way to attract customers.

Verizon launched Go90 in 2015 as a millennial-focused platform, and AT&T started bundling DirecTV that same year. T-Mobile followed in 2017 by including a free Netflix subscription with its family plan. As competition continues growing their networks and subscriber bases, Sprint needed to choose a video streaming service or remain behind. SoftBank, Sprint's parent company, believes shelling out big money for free Hulu subscriptions is right for new and existing customers.

The big unknown is how Sprint's network will handle the heavy workload. It was a concern when T-Mobile announced Netflix On Us, and the magenta-colored network is far more reliable than Sprint's. A large number of customers taking advantage of their free Hulu subscriptions could drive the network to be congested and dramatically slow down for others.

Marcelo Claure, who leads the nation's fourth largest carrier, recently revealed both Sprint and SoftBank are going to increase the amount of money spent on network infrastructure.