iPhone 4S Sprint

Consider this as a note from the “no one is surprised” file, but Sprint said that it enjoyed its best launch day sales ever with the addition of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S to its product lineup.

In a statement released by the company this afternoon, Sprint said that after opening its stores at 8:00 am local time, they went on to beat their top sales day within hours. Sprint Product Chief Fared Adib said, “Sprint today reported its best ever day of sales in retail, web and telesales for a device family in Sprint history with the launch of iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. We reached this milestone at approximately noon CT/1pm ET. The response to this device by current and new customers has surpassed our expectations and validates our customers’ desire for a truly unlimited data pricing plan.”

Considering that the carrier is said to have nearly bet the company on carrying the iPhone, this is sure to be considered as good news by everyone at Sprint.  If all of these sales translate into putting a stop to the money the company has been losing for years now remains to be seen, but hopefully it is a step in the right direction for the struggling carrier.

Did you pick any flavor of an iPhone on Sprint today?