Now here’s something we don’t see every day: A listing of what phones Sprint is about to retire.

While it is not at all unusual to speculate on when new phones are coming to a carrier, one thing you don’t see discussed very often is when said carrier is going to remove them from the line up.  SprintFeed got a hold of a screenshot the shows when various phones will end their time on Sprint.

  • Samsung Seek in pink – Week of 7/24
  • Sanyo Innuendo – Week of 7/31
  • BlackBerry Style 9670 – Late July/Early August
  • Motorola i1 – Late July/Early August
  • BlackBerry Bold 9650 – September
  • BlackBerry Curve 3G- September
  • HTC EVO 4G (white) – September
  • Samsung Transform – October
  • HTC EVO 4G – October
  • Samsung Epic 4G – October

While it may not seem as interesting to learn when aging phones are going to the great handset place in the sky, it does impact folks.  It helps you determine when a better replacement may be in the pipeline, and if you’ve had your eye on a certain phone, knowing it’s about to go bye-bye could certainly stop you from picking one up.  There is also the question of what happens should your current phone break and you need a replacement.  When my beloved HTC Hero met with some concrete a few months back, the Sprint store did say I was covered and would replace it, but it would be a slightly better phone, although still not the latest and greatest.  Never fear folks, your warranties do still exist should your phone disappear.

Sprint end of life chart

Do the deaths of phones matter to you?  Would it ever influence your purchasing decisions?

[via SprintFeed]