Looks like Sprint‘s about to get a whole heapin’ lotta love from Apple, and soon. A lot of focus has been given to a Sprint iPhone 5, but according to 9to5Mac, the smartphone won’t be the only iOS device heading to America’s other CDMA carrier.

It appears that the work to create a Sprint-compatible iPad is done, with the tablet ready and waiting for release — either with the Sprint iPhone 5 next month or shortly after the handset’s release, says the site. They seem mighty confident about this, though it’s worth noting that they didn’t disclose exactly how they came by this information. Then again, maybe it doesn’t take a crystal ball to assume that a tech company might want to have their next-gen devices in place for the holiday season.

That’s not even the biggest thing grabbing my attention with this: The site also said, “The Sprint version of the iPad is completely separate from the CDMA Verizon model.” Now what do you suppose that means? Might this tablet not offer CDMA at all, but rather… could it be? A 4G WiMax iPad? Well, there’s one tipster from TUAW who seems to think so. But in all honesty, I’m not one hundred percent sure that I buy it — especially since the same source also says Sprint’s getting an iPhone 4 this year, with a 5 coming next year. Frankly, this is a thought that I, not to mention The Wall Street Journal, find completely bonkers.

But let’s play with the iPad network question for a moment: If we really are looking at the beginning of a new class of 4G WiMax iPad, what could that mean for other iPad purveyors? And what would it mean for the Sprint iPhone, or any of the others? That’s definitely a load of juicy questions. Thankfully, there isn’t long now to wait for the answers. 9to5Mac pegs an October 7 release for the Sprint iPhone, no matter what the CEO of France Telecom says.

Either way, if you’re an iKid or a hopeful sitting on pins and needles waiting, hang in there. Looks like all will be revealed shortly.

[via 9to5Mac]