Dan HesseSprint saw a net loss of $1.3 billion in 2011, but not even that kept CEO Dan Hesse from accepting a 31 percent boost in compensation from the wireless carrier. According to regulatory filings, Hesse received compensation valued at $11.9 million compared to $9.07 million the year earlier, despite the company reporting its fifth straight annual loss. In addition, Hesse received stock awards upwards of $3 million and a non-equity incentive plan compensation of $4.84 million. The news of Hesse’s healthy payday will likely not sit well with analysts and investors seeing as the carrier faces a legitimate risk of bankruptcy if it fails to adequately roll out LTE this year. What’s more, Sprint may not be able to recoup its $15.5 billion commitment to the iPhone because the carrier doesn’t garner enough business. Sounds like it’s more money, more problems for Hesse.

[via BizJournals]