BlackBerry Z10 Quick Settings

Sprint recently confirmed it will not sell BlackBerry’s latest smartphone, the BlackBerry Z10. The carrier thinks that customers will instead prefer BlackBerry’s full-QWERTY keyboard BlackBerry Q10 device that it set to launch later this year.

It’s a bit of a blow to BlackBerry, a company that used to be able to launch its products across every major U.S. carrier with ease. The company has previously said that every carrier it has talked to is extremely excited for its new platform and portfolio of phones, but clearly there’s a bit of backlash in the United States, where BlackBerry has lost market share to iOS and Android. AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless have yet to offer the Z10, each eventually will, and BlackBerry said the U.S. launch delay is due to extensive carrier testing.

“We aren’t saying there’s anything different about our customers,” Sprint spokesman Mark Elliott told Bloomberg. “We think our customers will be happy with the qwerty keyboard and touch screen on the Q10.”

BlackBerry hasn’t said when the Q10 will launch, although we expect to hear more on that during the company’s annual developer conference in May.