Sprint already said it won't sell BlackBerry's new Z10 smartphone and will instead wait to offer the full-QWERTY keyboard Q10 later this year. That doesn't necessarily mean that Sprint's not going to provide a BlackBerry that offers a full touchscreen, however.

AllThingsD learned on Monday that Sprint will offer another device, still unannounced by BlackBerry, later this year with a full touchscreen and without a QWERTY keyboard.

It's possible the phone will launch as an exclusive, because we can't imagine why it would simply hold off on the Z10 (choice is good, right?) but that's our own speculation. The phone will allegedly launch in the second half of this year, although AllThingsD didn't provide any insight as to what sort of specs it will offer or how it will differentiate from the BlackBerry Z10. 

Our guess? We'll hear more during BlackBerry Live in May.