Sprint is allegedly gearing up to introduce new “Sprint Pay As You Go” plans beginning on Jan. 25th. The new information is courtesy of a leaked slide that reveals the plans will allow customers to pay a monthly fee without a contract. There are only a few phones that will be available at launch, however, and just two of them are smartphones.

Sprint’s Pay As You Go devices include the $49.99 Samsung M400 flip phone, the $79.99 Samsung Array feature phone, the $149.99 LG Optimus Elite Android smartphone and the $249.99 Samsung Victory Android smartphone. It doesn’t look like these devices will run on Sprint’s 4G LTE network, but you will get unlimited talk, text and web for $70 a month with the smartphones Android Police said. Feature phones will be available with a $50-per month no-contract plan.

The new plan option isn’t official yet, so anything can change between now and the launch date. Stay tuned for more information.