On Saturday night at 10:19 PM EST, all of Sprint’s AIRAVE devices started having their system system lights blink red, which means the device is down, and hence no boost to the Sprint signal in your home or office.

Sprint AIRAVEI called in about my home AIRAVE about an hour into the blinking light, and the operators on duty at that time had no information yet, so they had me go through the whole network reboot and then told me to wait one to four hours for it to come back up. Well, considering the hour I went to bed about three hours later, but woke up Sunday morning to the light still blinking red. Figuring I would deal with it when I got home, I went to my office and discovered the AIRAVE there was also not working.

Another call to Sprint revealed that the entire AIRAVE network was offline.  They had no estimation of when it would be up, so all day Sunday was blown for me having any cell service at home or work.

By Sunday evening Sprint’s operator’s at the AIRAVE number were just answering the phone by saying the network was down and they had no ETR (Estimated Time for Repair), and no further information was available.

One more phone call at 1:20 AM EST Monday resulted in being told by a fairly snippy operator that it was still down and the new ETR was 3:00 PM EST Monday for it to be operational again.  I asked if there was any chance of a credit since my service had been down for 27 hours at this point, and I was told that an outage had to last at least 72 hours before a credit would be possible.

I’m sorry, but considering I already have to pay extra to boost Sprint’s signal in my home and office, the idea I have to be without service for three days before they’ll give me a credit is a bit much.  An hour or two, sure, it happens, but if the system comes back when they say it will it will have been 39 hours.  To me that is more than enough time for me to be without something I am paying for already to get something back.  Apparently Sprint doesn’t agree with me.

Hopefully the service will be back up as scheduled today, but we’ll have to see.