Lamborghini Zynga

It's sad whenever a company has to ax numerous employees, and that's no less true for Zynga, which laid off five percent of its workforce recently. And now, like a sign of the times, this for sale notice — on a 2010 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera — was spotted outside Zynga's San Francisco HQ. The sale price? $194,000 smackers.

The company made the cuts amid Apple's iPad Mini/iPad 4/iMac hoopla, a move that came off like a transparent attempt to bury the news on a hot tech news day. That may or may not be true — some feel the ill-conceived timing had more to do with its upcoming earnings announcement — but that's no solace to the 150 people that were given the boot. (The Boston and Austin offices really went through the ringer.)

When Zynga did make its Q3 earnings announcement, the need for the mass layoffs became clear: The company had lost $52 million on revenues of $316.6 million that quarter. Zynga stock is now selling at $2.22 per share — which means that this car is worth nearly 87,400 shares of company stock.

[Via BuzzFeed]