How eclectic are your musical tastes? Are you on the cutting edge of new artists? You probably know someone in your circle of friends who claims to have heard a band well before they were famous. Well, you can now put their street cred to the test thanks to a new tool from Spotify.

Called "Found Them First," the tool is designed to assess your hipsterness. It will look at the first time you listened to an artist, compare that against Spotify's massive user base, then determine how successful an act has become since they began streaming through the service.

Me? I've found zero acts. Zero. I listen to a lot of older music, giving me no chance to have been the one to discover Solomon Burke. If the tool finds that you're boring like me and aren't hip to the cool bands, it'll provide a playlist (based on your listening habits) of new artists to check out. It recommended a pretty slick playlist to me, though it's full of artists I already listen to.

It's still fun to see what artists you've "discovered." I only just signed up for Spotify earlier this year, so I'm definitely behind the streaming game. Check out the tool for yourself and see how many artists you've found before they made it big.