In response to Apple's emphasis on human-curated playlists, Spotify on Monday introduced a new feature designed to offer users a more personalized experience. Known as "Discover Weekly," Spotify says these automatically generated mixtapes will be based on a user's listening habits, and updated once a week. So if your time on Spotify is dominated by Odesza, the service should ostensibly provide a mixtape of similar tunes.

The feature is gradually rolling out to users today, so if you don't see it yet it should be arriving soon. The idea is to provide users with a two-hour long playlist of new artists and songs that constantly stays fresh. Spotify already offers a number of playlists designed around a certain theme or genre, but Discover Weekly is a little more personal, which means no two playlists should be alike.

Will something like this be enough to thwart the Apple Music invasion? That remains to be seen. Apple says no competing algorithms can beat its human-curated experience, but Spotify begs to differ. Me? I've been using Apple Music since it launched, but I'm not so sure I'm ready to ditch my Spotify subscription just yet.

My Spotify hasn't updated yet, so I can't say whether or not it fulfills its promise of offering a more personalized experience. According to The Verge, which got to try out the feature early, Discover Weekly is a big addition to the platform, and shows the service adapting quite well to Apple's human-curated alternative. Discover Weekly is apparently a few months in the making, and is based on listening data from 75 million users.

Look for Discover Weekly to roll out over the course of today.