With Apple Music set to launch in under a week other music streaming companies are scrambling to respond. For Tidal that meant shedding its interim CEO, but Spotify appears to be taking a different and more practical strategy.

The Swedish streaming giant has doubled the length of its Premium trial outside the U.S. from 30 days to 60. Meanwhile, in America you can still try out the add-free service for three months for just 99 cents. Even so, Apple still has the better offer with its free three-month trial.

Apple Music also boasts the best family deal, offering unlimited streaming for up to six people for just $14.99. By comparison, Spotify starts at $9.99 for a single person and lets you add more accounts for $5 each in America. The company offers a better discount in Sweden, covering up to 5 people for just $20, but for now that hasn't expanded beyond Spotify's home country.

We'll be watching to see how the industry continues to react leading up to the Apple Music launch on June 30.