The music streaming landscape has changed significantly over the last few years. It wasn’t until Spotify came along that consumers were very willing to pay for an on-demand listening experience. Normally the most popular services were those with advertisements. The ad-supported model is still alive and well, but Spotify and Apple Music are dominating the scene through affordable subscriptions that unlock premium features.

Spotify, however, doesn’t want to ignore the large number of people who don’t want to pay anything at all just to listen to their favorite songs. Stations, a new app launched exclusively for Android devices this week, could be Spotify’s solution to hold onto users avoiding Spotify Premium.

Stations’ structure isn’t difficult to understand. The fluff you normally see on a music streaming app isn’t here, and that’s because Spotify wants users to instantly have songs accessible considering there’s no on-demand aspect. Once you open the app, you’ll see a list of stations that get customized over time after you like specific songs.

If there’s a station you’re not particularly fond of, you can quickly remove it from your dock. Stations will go back to work creating stations that interest you.

Spotify admits that Stations is an experiment. Currently a very limited number of devices in select countries can access the app, and its maker hasn’t clarified who’s welcome to install it yet. There’s also no word on an iOS version coming.

Anyone who can’t access Stations yet can give one of these free music streaming apps a try. Each includes a vast library of songs, and there are useful features you get despite the ad-supported model being present. Regardless you’re able to listen to a ton of songs without paying a penny.