I'm sure I'm not the only one who is frustrated by this. While listening to Spotify over the weekend, I noticed that I received an option to Tweet out a fresh single from Rihanna. It's apparently a strategy by Spotify to promote new music from artists, but it's not something I expect to see when I pay a monthly premium to avoid all advertisements.

The Verge noticed the same "Tweet the Beat" ad-like experience and asked Spotify what was going on. "What you're seeing is a new feature called Tweet the Beat which lets listeners express love and appreciation towards the artists they follow or listen to often, and has been designed as a great way for fans to get closer to their favorite artists," a Spotify spokesperson explained to The Verge. 

I understand the need for Spotify to promote artists, particularly amid complaints from artists such as Taylor Swift who don't believe the streaming service is providing a fair shake of profits. However, I also think that the $9.99 I pay per month should take this out of the equation or, at the very least, cater to my tastes specifically. I rarely listen to Rihanna and have no interest in her music. Spotify, which already tracks my listening trends, should know that.

Unfortunately, it sounds like the new promotions are set to stay. Or, maybe if premium users shun the option and never send out Tweets, Spotify will get the point and remove it from premium accounts.