Until recently, Spotify has always refused to restrict what music its non-paying subscribers listen to. That's one of the main reasons Taylor Swift decided to boycott the streaming service, but it looks like the company may finally change its ways.

Digital Music News reports that Spotify may soon offer some music exclusively to its paying customers. It could also make some songs or albums available on its free tier for an "extremely limited time," or restrict those listeners to just a few songs from some of the biggest new albums. "They want the free users to feel like they're missing something, not just forced to listen to ads," an anonymous insider told DMN.

The report notes that Spotify is still hammering out the specifics with record labels, but this sounds like a win for the music industry. Of course, it should also help the streaming service pick up more paying customers just as competitors like Apple Music are starting to gain momentum.

Spotify actually tried this strategy recently with a song from Muse's new album, which was only available for Premium listeners. It's possible we'll see more high-profile tracks debut the same way, though the new model may not officially roll out until early next year.