Spotify has always made it easy for users to sit back and let the service do the heavy lifting. Earlier this year, it introduced a Discover Weekly feature that produces playlists based on a user’s listening habits. And it’s using those same algorithms for a new “Party” feature that is, well, designed for parties.

It sounds simple enough—curate a playlist of songs that are perfect for a party setting. But just throwing songs together and calling it a day is easier said than done. And even if you do get the perfect playlist, songs don’t always seamlessly melt together, creating a kind of awkward transition between tracks.

Party is designed to not only provide playlists designed around a specific genre and mood, but it will beat-match tracks so the transitions are smooth. It’s like Spotify is your own personal DJ; no need to pay uncle Steve to be in charge of music at your wedding. There’s even a “mood tuner” feature that will adjust the song selection on the fly.

The new feature is being celebrated with a new 120-track playlist from Diplo, with Spotify saying many more original mixes are on the way; it’s a nice answer to Apple Music’s celebrity-hosted Beats One, and keeps Spotify users interested and coming back for more.

The feature is coming to both Android and iOS today, with an update for desktop users set to hit very soon.