Spotify and Taylor Swift have beefed for many years, dating back to 2014 when Swift pulled her entire catalog off the streaming service because of its unpaid tier. However, as is the case in business, sometimes it makes more sense to get over the beef and formulate a relationship, and the two have done just that.

The Swedish streaming service has landed a n exclusive Taylor Swift music video for her latest single, "Delicate." There's already a music video available for the song, but the Spotify exclusive is a new version that is in portrait mode, which was reportedly shot in one single take.

Spotify's exclusive portrait music video sounds similar to a deal it struck with Selena Gomez for her "Bad Liar" music video.

It's unclear what prompted the end of Spotify and Swift's fued. Swift has been outspoken about artists being rewarded for their art and streaming services don't always do that. Swift held out her latest album, Reputation, off streaming services during the first week of release.

The deal couldn't have come at a more opportune time for Spotify. This week, Apple revamped its focus on music videos with a new dedicated section in the Apple Music app.